Golden Gate Ventures


Data Engineer, Singapore at Xendit
Singapore City, SG
Build & evolve Xendit’s data models

Xendit provides payments infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other startups grow exponentially. We serve these services through world-class APIs and dashboard UI that simplifies payments.  We serve some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and international giants like Samsung.  We process millions of transactions monthly,  growing 25% month on month for the last 2 years, YC S15 and backed by some of the largest VCs in the world.  
We are building a data team (think startup within a startup) that works on structuring Xendit’s data in a way that useful products can be made.  For example, how do we detect fraud across multiple transactions and build a fraud model that provides useful information to our merchant customers.

We're looking for an experienced data engineer to bring structure to our vast amounts of data, making it digestible and build a data product business at scale. You would be responsible for building scalable data products that can be accessed by our customers via world class APIs.

  • Create technical requirements/specifications based on product definitions
  • Build that product based on data from our customers, our own transactions and external third party vendors
  • Acquire and integrate data from third party sources using a range of approaches
  • Create API reference materials for products so that customers can use them
  • Scale infrastructure to make sure that products can support exponential growth in demand
  • Design alerting and testing to ensure accuracy and timeliness of data processing
  • Build efficient and scalable data pipelines to meet the various needs to enable data-driven decisions across Xendit
  • Build foundational infrastructure for internal BI systems, including creation of fact tables
  • Identify and integrate new tools into our data stack
  • Ensure the security and privacy of sensitive customer data
You may be a good fit if
  • Shipped and operated data infrastructure
  • Built data products that has scaled on AWS or other cloud, bonus points if that scaling was rapid (ie consistently 30% month on month)
  • Have at least 2 years of engineering experience with proven data contribution
  • Have experience designing, managing and debugging data pipelines
  • Are familiar with SQL and noSQL databases, Python and Spark
  • Have experience with encryption or de-identification of data
  • Are familiar with real time and/or large scale data
  • You thrive on autonomy and have proven you can push towards a goal by yourself

What we care about
  • Solve for the customer first: You build what customers want.  You think about what is right for customers, not what is easiest for you
  • Master honey badgery: You make ambitious goals. Then execute…no matter what stands in the way.  When knocked down, you get up
  • Excellence: Take on challenges willingly. You can be trusted to get things done right the first time quickly.  You hit your deadlines
  • Positive Attitude: You smile a lot, think work is fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. You measure yourself against the best and believe feedback is the breakfast of champions.  You follow the golden rule
  • Remarkability: People naturally talk about how awesome you are. Customers say 'Wow' when you deliver.

About Xendit
  • Growing 25% month on month: We are one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia and have done so for the last two years.  We process close to 1b in payments by providing simple APIs for payments on a modern tech stack
  • YCombinator Batch S15: YC is the best incubator in the world, producing Airbnb and Dropbox; 120 companies out of 6,000 applications get in
  • Funded by investors behind Facebook, Slack, Kaokao, Path, Twitch, Grab, Tokopedia