Golden Gate Ventures


Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Xendit
Jakarta, ID
Build Xendit’s Infrastructure

Xendit provides payments infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other startups grow exponentially. We provide these services through world-class APIs and  a dashboard UI that simplifies payments.  We serve some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and international giants like Samsung. 

Our infrastructure team works on Xendit’s server infrastructure on AWS, as well as on all the complexities that we have abstracted away from our customers.  It is responsible for working with banks, local cloud providers, ISPs, processors and central banks to make sure our payments are executed successfully, correctly and promptly.  It means maintaining connections to said banks, building mission-critical services and working around the myriads of failures, timeouts and issues associated with local infrastructure.  This team is one where the stakes are high, where moving information means moving money.  

We're looking for an experienced infrastructure engineer to help us build scalable and secure infrastructure.

  1. Build tech infrastructure on AWS and local cloud providers that scales us from hundreds of  thousands to millions of monthly transactions
  2. Find all the issues with our current infrastructure and propose a new future state
  3. Build top-of-the-line security into Xendit’s infrastructure and ensure we meet the requirements/guidelines required by our licenses
  4. Improve the productivity and operational best-practices of xendit’s engineering teams by building CI/automation and other internal tools
  5. Do whatever it takes to make Xendit succeed

You may be a good fit if
  • You have managed teams that have shipped and operated critical infrastructure
  • You have built secure server infrastructure that has scaled on AWS or other cloud providers
  • Have at least 5 years of engineering experience
  • You thrive on autonomy and have proven you can push towards a goal by yourself
  • You communicate well across teams
  • Bonus points if you’ve built payments infrastructure before