Golden Gate Ventures


Frontend Engineer at Xendit
South Jakarta, ID
Create beautiful products

Xendit provides payments infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other startups grow exponentially. We provide these services through world-class APIs and  a dashboard UI that simplifies payments.  We serve some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and international giants like Samsung. 

Frontend engineers work on the UI and UX for all of that. As a frontend engineer, you will design, create and expand our services to meet our partners' requirements. You'll work with other engineers to build delightful products that people will use everyday. Because we're growing quickly you won't be working on small sub-features but be making important design decisions that affect all of our customers. This is high stakes where customers interact with the output of your efforts every day, so your contribution to the Xendit product suite can make or break the customer experience.

We're looking for an experienced frontend engineer to quickly execute and build great products.

  1. Work with other Xendit leaders to design and lead projects
  2. Run sprints & projects on time & on budget, to exceptional quality 
  3. Develop our front end products, ensuring high quality and ease of use for customers
  4. Do whatever it takes to make Xendit succeed

You may be a good fit if
  • You have managed teams that have built products with direct feedback from customers
  • Have at least 5 years of engineering experience with proven management wins
  • You thrive on autonomy and have proven you can push towards a goal by yourself
  • You communicate well across teams
  • Bonus points if you’re passionate about UI/UX and incorporate this into your work

Core skills

  • UI Library - React
  • State Management - Redux, MobX, etc
  • Build Tools - Webpack, Grunt
  • CSS Preprocessors - SASS, LESS
  • ES6
  • Unit Test - Jest, Mocha
  • NodeJS

What we care about

  • Solve for the customer first: You build what customers want.  You think about what is right for customers, not what is easiest for you
  • Demonstrate mastery of honey badgery: You make ambitious goals. Then execute…no matter what stands in the way.  When knocked down, you get up
  • Take on challenges willingly and can be trusted to execute: You can be trusted to get things done right the first time quickly.  You hit your deadlines
  • You’re like us: You smile a lot, think work is fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. You measure yourself against the best and believe feedback is the breakfast of champions.  You follow the golden rule
  • You’re remarkable: People naturally talk about how awesome you are.  If we can’t find someone who raves about you then it’s unlikely we will too