Golden Gate Ventures


Government Relations at Xendit
South Jakarta, ID
Translate tech speak to regulatory speak

Xendit provides payments infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other startups grow exponentially. We serve these services through world-class APIs and dashboard UI that simplifies payments.  We serve some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and international giants like Samsung.  

Government relations helps us put our best foot forward with government and regulators.  What we do is excellent for Indonesia’s economy but we won’t get anywhere without an understanding of how to communicate our message to the government.  We think regulators have an extremely important opportunity to push Indonesia forward and set up the playing field for private companies to provide products and services that appeal to Indonesia.  Our regulatory affairs team works to make sure we are fighting for what’s good and to make sure the little guys have a voice in government and regulation.

You will be in the limelight and in the corridors.  The role is high stakes, where decisions can determine our future and you’ll be personally liable for our success.  


We're looking for an experienced professional who already has a network in government and who has proven they can navigate regulators.  More than that, we want a general athlete - we want to trust you  to take on our most important problems and with few resources, drive measurable change.  We also expect you to be able to coach younger government relations team members to make yourself redundant.  


1. Secure and maintain relevant licenses that apply to our business
  • Figure out what licenses are necessary for our existing and new business 
  • Ensure our business processes comply with regulation - you will have the license to recommend changes and ensure the agreed processes/tech are implemented
  • Ensure our applications are to specifications  - execute submissions with less than 3 iterations from Bank Indonesia or OJK before site visits
  • Attain the relevant licenses before end of 2018
  • Ensure our businesses can continue by explaining our business model to regulators in the right way

2. Ensure we can contribute to conversations with Bank Indonesia and OJK
  • Ensure we’re in good standing with government
  • Get our voice heard in forums regarding regulation by making sure we have coverage over forums where we might have relevant opinions or where decisions may affect our business and speak up with an informed opinion
  • Build relationships with decision makers outside the formal context so we understand what’s truly happening
3. Be able to translate between government/regulators and Xendit
  • Be able to advocate for what’s right internally in a Xendit-y way
  • Work to outcomes even though so much is outside your control
  • Be able to engage in lively discussion internally and help the internal team understand why things need to be done a certain way
  • Communicate our way - e.g. build a structured relationship map
  • Be able to advocate for what’s right externally in a government-y way
  • Be able to explain what we do to government and regulators succinctly
4. Recruit another A player government relations person within 2018
  • Source 5 A players that can pass CEO’s screen - bonus points if they have worked at BI/OJK
  • Hire until your role becomes redundant, i.e. if you disappear, they can continue operating at the same quality and speed
  • Build framework for hiring: scorecards, interview questions

You may be a good fit if

  • You have worked in heavily regulated environment and represented the interests of a private organisation in that context with proven wins
  • You’re willing to work harder than most and humble enough to learn from people much younger than you
  • Have at least 5 years of brand name business experience with proven management wins at a top tier consulting, corporates banking, private equity fund, or fast growing startups
  • You thrive on autonomy and have proven you can push towards a goal by yourself
  • Bonus points if you’ve attained a financial license of any sort