Golden Gate Ventures


Data Analyst at Funding Societies

The life of a Data Analyst in Funding Societies is hardly dull. As a data analyst, you will be part of a small and fun team which will be working to support all business functions (Credit, Sales, Marketing, Customer Experience, Business Development) in Funding Societies. In short, the function of a data analyst is to understand the needs of the business and use data to derive a solution that you will then present, implement, and track. In addition to having a knack for problem-solving, being willing to learn, understand, and hear the needs of our people are absolutely crucial to this role.

Everyone picks the problems they want to solve. As long as you are adding value to the business, you are your own boss. You’ll get loads of support from your friendly, talented and motivated colleagues but there is no micromanagement. The way we work doesn’t suit everyone. But if you are humble, love autonomy and enjoy life changing professional challenges, we could be perfect for each other.

Job Scope
  • Data collection, processing, visualisation, analysis
  • Develop actionable and accurate insights and present to the various business teams
  • Test, measure, act on those projects you have delivered amongst other projects
  • Code up live dashboards for real time visibility of business
  • Find innovative and creative ways to obtain new data
  • Develop models for predictive studies

What we look for:
  • Strong enthusiasm for new experiences and to learn new skills
  • Ideally someone with afew years of working experience
  • Someone who loves working with numbers and problem-solving
  • Strong logical reasoning and analytical mind
  • Understanding that this is a start-up, and at a start-up, you do everything. This includes things outside your job scope such as organising monthly bonding activities which are real fun!
  • Good communication skills in order to turn your results into actionable insights that business teams use
  • Knowledge of R and/or SQL a plus but not required