Golden Gate Ventures


Devops at Omise
Bangkok, TH
We are looking for a Devops to join Omise team.

Implement, scale, and maintain infrastructure on AWS and on GCP
Collaborate with developers and help deploy various applications: Rails, Elixir, Golang, Java
Automate Omise infrastructure with Chef, Ansible or other tools that does the job.
Help architect scalable infrastructure: load balancing, high availability, database scaling
Improve and maintain Omise Security
Monitor Omise network against security threats, high load, abuse and DDOS
Log monitoring automation and alerting
Ability to respond to emergencies off-work hours
Ideal skills
AWS: EC2, RDS, ELB, IAM, Cloudwatch, Route53
Google Cloud: Kubernetes, Networking, Security, SQL
Experience with Linux tools such as auditd, ossec, iptables, selinux, syslog, snort
Security analysis and intrusion detection
IDS and IPS with Snort, Suricata and others
Scripting language (ruby, python, shell, etc)
Infrastructure automation with Chef or Ansible
Networking experience with Routing, Nat, Mangle, iptables
Graylog, ElasticSearch, Kibana
Bonus skills
Master-Master replication with PG
Docker, Kubernetes
Chef server
Ansible AWX
Strong Security understanding and analysis
Background in PCI-DSS compliance
NIST Security Framework
Incidence response and Disaster recovery
We dont expect you to have all skills above, even if you have just a few please get in touch with us. We give you room for growth and learning, as well we will train you for the latest technologies as long as you are willing to learn.