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ServisHero Internship (Bangkok) at ServisHero
Bangkok, TH
ServisHero is on a mission to improve the way local services are discovered and delivered in Southeast Asia. We not only make it easier for customers to find trusted service providers, but also provide our Heroes (service providers) with access to new customers. We are a purpose and data driven company that exists to empower local businesses through technology.

Be part of this mission by...

Being a hustler with heart that can change 'hats' at will from operations, marketing, event planning to business development.
Mission details...

Customer Experience: Resolve customer issues through deep listening and problem solving skills
Marketing: Brainstorm and come up with campaign ideas; coordinating and organising creative online materials and offline events
Signing up and corresponding with our Heroes: educate them on how to use our Pro App, provide useful information and data to help improving their business operations
Work closely with the Thai team to secure strategic partnerships

Looking for movers and shakers who are…

We are agnostic towards any particular degree although we expect candidates to demonstrate good business acumen and intuition
Multilingual (English, Thai...)
Positive attitude and a love for learning
Excellent communication skills
Contribute to a positive team culture, always ready to help and support your colleagues
Eager to make an impact in a fast-changing startup environment
Apply data and logic in your day-to-day tasks

What did our interns say about us?

“Being part of the operations department in ServisHero has opened my eyes to the amount of work required for the smooth running of day-to-day business. My main job scope involves customer engagement and tracking of direct jobs to ensure that every job request is being accounted for. My mentors at ServisHero have been extremely patient in explaining every process in place to let me better understand how the business works. Instead of feeding me with answers when a problem arise, they often challenge me to come up with solutions before providing their feedback on areas for improvement. This method of learning helped me gain independence in my work and increase my confidence. I am truly grateful to be given this opportunity to work alongside with a team of highly competent and fun individuals who never fail to make a day at work fruitful and enjoyable!” - Venus
"Spending my summer vacation in ServisHero was a worthwhile decision. Instead of hand-holding, my learning journey is customized and tailored according to my personal interests and milestones. When it comes to work, my mentors will provide forthright feedback to challenge me to think out of the box. Yet at the same time, they are very friendly and supportive towards my personal development goals which really mean a lot to me. Having no prior internship experience, I am very grateful to be on board and be able to learn from such an awesome team!" - Jie Ling
"Doing Business Development in ServisHero has exponentiated my learning curve. One of the most wonderful experiences which I’ve gained from ServisHero is the opportunity to engage with service providers from all walks of life. Their inspiring stories humbled me immensely. My mentors at ServisHero have been nothing short of amazing. I am deeply appreciative of their selflessness in providing constant guidance and valuable life lessons throughout my time here. Working alongside with them in a dynamic environment has been a concoction of positivity, fun, and satisfaction!" - Zhenlu

We will only contact you if you have been shortlisted. Candidates must possess own visa/work permit to work in Thailand.

Tip for first interview: Download our app and visit our website to get a better understanding of what we do at ServisHero. Ask us difficult questions!