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Engineering Manager, Infrastructure at Stripe
San Francisco, CA, US
At Stripe, engineering managers grow teams and inspire them to contribute quality work. We’re looking for passionate engineering managers to join us and lead Stripe engineers in building the infrastructure which powers the payments infrastructure of the internet.

We’re hiring engineering managers for these Stripe infrastructure teams:

Data builds and operates the platform used by the rest of the engineering team for batch computation including metrics, internal and user-facing reporting and analytics, and training machine learning models.

Ops abstracts the complexities of the real world for the rest of Stripe, so we can build the best products for our users, across all financial partners. Stripe’s Ops teams are one of the few places in the world where moving information literally means moving money.

Sys provide the tooling to provision services, route internal and external traffic, manage builds, run tests, store Stripe’s data, observe errors, and anything else that creates leverage for Stripe Engineering.

Guide to the onsite interview (PDF)

You may be a good fit if:

You immediately notice single points of failure when evaluating system architecture
You know how to balance the reliability, performance and cost of critical systems
You can remember when your on-call used to wake your team up at night
You can leverage your technical expertise to constantly raise the bar
You’re clear and persuasive in writing and in person
You have at least a couple of years of engineering management experience
Please include in your application a few words on…

How you think about the distinction between product and infrastructure engineering
Why you’re passionate about being an engineering manager at Stripe in particular
The team you’re most proud of supporting, and your role in helping it succeed