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Backend/Infrastructure Engineer at
Backend/Infrastructure Engineer @

If you haven't read about our team and culture - please read it here first:

About the job:

You'll be responsible for tasks ranging between writing the application API and maintaining the infrastructure that keeps running. The backend/infrastructure team is responsible for ensuring the client apps have a clean and sensible API to call into, the operations team have reliable and accurate data to use, and that the technological infrastructure required runs smoothly.

Our backend runs primarily on Python and MongoDB

About you:

- 'uptime'. Now that's something that makes you smile

- You can't stand sloppy APIs, and you know when you should return 401 vs 403 vs 418

- You swell with pride when front-end devs compliment you on the neatness of your API design

- You agree that code is for humans to read and only incidentally for computers to execute

- :() { : | : }; : makes you giggle

- You usually have the console open when working

- "Data-driven"

- Also, messy data annoys you

- You have no problem setting up and configuring a Linux/UNIX server from scratch

- Bonus points if you know how to lock it down

- Obsessive about collecting and making sense of large sets of incomplete and messy data, frequently and automatically

- Are able to conceive, convince, implement and maintain reasonable database schemas for our data

- You work well with teams

- You thrive in an startup environment

- You RTFM and will paste an html peace character somewhere in your application.

- Please include a link to your portfolio.

Some practical questions below - most are optional but helps us a great deal in figuring out if there's a good fit.

We apologise in advance - we may only be able to get back to shortlisted candidates; but we really, really appreciate every application, we think that is the greatest flattery we could ask for.