Golden Gate Ventures


Product Designer at Funding Societies

We’re looking for a full stack product designer, to help us deliver a product that’s transparent and a pleasure to use.

You’ll be part of the design team: we are a horizontal team so we work closely with other teams to frame problems, help them to define the right solutions and ultimately ship great software. As a team we’re small so each of us really has a lot of impact on how FSMK looks and works.

You may be fit this role if you:


  • Have at least 3 years product design experience (Ideally in a startup environment)

(User research)

  • Are passionate about inclusive design and accessibility

  • Have empathy for customer needs

  • Have strong knowledge of UX principles and best practices, including understanding when and where user testing and research should be incorporated into the product design process

(Strategy & planning)

  • Able to translate user testing and research result into design decisions

  • Consider technical constraints and business goals

  • Can articulate the ‘why’ and lead discussions around your process, explorations, and conclusions


  • Able to translate complex user flows into clean, usable UIs

  • Are an expert in Sketch. If you are good at AE or any other motion design tool we’ll love you even more

(Visual design)

  • Are meticulously organised. You care about the details.

  • Have an understanding of fundamental design principles: Colour, typography, and layout

(Collaboration & communication)

  • Are ego-less and objective. You receive feedback well and can iterate on your designs within a team

  • Able to take part in the design review cycle, close on design requirements and achieve consensus

(Industry trend)

  • A solid and up to date understanding of best practices, developments and trends in web, mobile and iOS design

  • Have strong interest in design and technology trends