Golden Gate Ventures


Business development at Xendit
Jakarta, ID

Build Xendit’s business relationships

Xendit is an Indonesian fintech company that provides payment infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other businesses grow exponentially. We serve these companies by providing a suite of world-class APIs and a dashboard UI that simplifies processes. 

Our main focus is to build the most advanced payment rails for Indonesia, with a clear goal in mind — to make payments in Indonesia simple, secure and easy for everyone. We currently serve local SMEs to some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and also giant-sized businesses like Samsung. We process millions of transactions monthly, growing 25% month on month for the last 2 years. We are trusted and backed by some of the largest VCs in the world, and are alumni of the prestigious YCombinator (S15). 

Our business development function ensures our business is growing and includes anything that isn’t technical or product, e.g. sales, bank relationships and operations.  Every business development person is expected to sell customers and affect our growth trajectory in a meaningful way.  Our BD team is also responsible for  relationships with banks throughout Southeast Asia, which typically means working with them to build innovative products that have never existed before we arrived.  Finally, BD also includes a lean team of operations to ensure our systems function to SLAs and customers are supported as they grow.  


We're looking for business developers who are proficient in Mandarin, to serve our Chinese customers, hungry to learn and willing to put in the time to grow our business (and themselves) faster than most places.  We’re looking for general athletes who are interested in product, sales, marketing and customer success.  

Every Xendit business person acquires customers (sales) and makes sure they succeed (some combination of account management and customer support).  They then have their other main function, e.g. government relationships, product or marketing.  In practice, when you begin, we will have you work across different functions during probation.   Depending on your performance and preference, we tend to focus you in one of those areas.  

These are outcomes expected from all business folks at Xendit:

1. [Customer acquisition] Materially affect growth by acquiring customers that grow quickly
  • Close a live customer within one month
  • Contribute to  at least 3 clients a month that can help Xendit grow

2. [Customer success] Delight customers with your service
  • You can help customers understand why they need us (get them to go live on our platform), help them onboard (sales integration) and then maintain value by answering questions and advocating for them (customer support and account management)
  • Customers should be so delighted that they refer you more business and word-of-mouth drives most of your customer pipeline

3. Do whatever it takes to make Xendit succeed

You may be a good fit if

  • You are proficient in speaking/writing in Mandarin, in order to work with our Chinese customers
  • You’re willing to work harder than most and humble enough to learn from people much younger than you
  • Have at least 3 years of top tier business experience with proven management wins at a top tier consulting, banking, private equity fund, or fast growing startup
  • You thrive on autonomy and have proven you can push towards a goal by yourself
  • Bonus points if you’ve worked in  payments or banking, especially if you understand how core banking systems are run