Golden Gate Ventures


Merchant and Banking Officer at Xendit
South Jakarta, ID

Xendit is an Indonesian fintech company that provides payment infrastructure across Indonesia. Xendit processes payments, runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud and helps other businesses grow exponentially. We serve these companies by providing a suite of world-class APIs and a dashboard UI that simplifies processes. 

Our main focus is to build the most advanced payment rails for Indonesia, with a clear goal in mind — to make payments in Indonesia simple, secure and easy for everyone. We currently serve local SMEs to some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and also giant-sized businesses like Samsung. We process millions of transactions monthly, growing 25% month on month for the last 2 years. We are trusted and backed by some of the largest VCs in the world, and are alumni of the prestigious YCombinator (S15).

This role comes with a large responsibility, where you will be an essential cog that helps to turn our whole organization. Your role will be to administer the processes to onboard customers when they register at Xendit. Our main objective is to enable new customers to onboard quickly and seamlessly, from product selection and implementation planning to legal and administrative requirements.

The day to day operations of our Merchant Officers will include sending and managing relevant documents, chasing signatures from stakeholders, suggesting and implementing improvements to the onboarding process, communicating with relevant Banks and Merchants to help customers integrate, and generally catering to any requests or requirements for the onboarding process. You will work hand in hand with our Customer Success and Account Managers to make sure every customer is happy throughout their entire onboarding process at Xendit.

We’re looking for a Merchant Operations Officer to help us administer customers who are onboarding with Xendit. You will take charge of the onboarding process to make sure new customers who integrate with Xendit are delighted by their experience from the start to finish.

  1. Administer incoming/outgoing documents and making sure they’re properly completed and stored .
  2. Communicate with newly integrated customers and prepare them for the necessary steps to use Xendit’s services.
  3. Be the relationship liaison between Xendit and the bank and the relevant parties, specifically in registering new Xendit customers.

You may be a good fit if you have
  • 2 years experience as an Office Administrator, or equivalent education in relevant field
  • Thinks that managing the  filing, recording, and sorting of documents is fun
  • Attentive to the smallest details
  • Proficient in Excel, Word and the Google Suite equivalents
  • Fluent in both English and Indonesian in written and spoken, to a professional level
  • Great at  tailoring communication style to a variety of stakeholders 
  • Accustomed to multitasking and keeping track of a large number of tasks 
  • You’re passionate about helping others, and will go the extra mile to make sure people feel heard and happy in their place of work
  • You’re remarkable: People naturally talk about how awesome you are.  If we can’t find someone who raves about you then it’s unlikely we will too
  • Takes on challenges willingly and can be trusted to execute: You can be trusted to get things done right the first time quickly.  You hit your deadlines
Nice to haves:
  • Prior experience at a growth stage internet or software company
  • Can speak or write to a professional level in Mandarin