Golden Gate Ventures


Software Engineer at Omise
Bangkok, TH

Omise is an equal opportunities employer. We are looking for Software Engineers to join our core team. Our payment stack runs on Ruby on Rails, with supporting services in Elixir/Phoenix, React, Go, and Python.

We are big believers in hiring the best people and giving them the freedom and tools they need to get the job done - and getting out of their way. That is why we try very hard to find highly autonomous people.

  • Autonomous: You can deliver products with minimal supervision. In fact, you already have many ideas on how Omise could be improved. You prefer more help removing obstacles than in drafting a plan.

Of course - first and foremost as a Software Engineer - you write good, concise, unambiguous code.

  • Simplicity: Your code is clear and easy to understand. There are few gimmicks in the code you write, and it is a joy to maintain.
  • Defensiveness: Your code withstands production traffic as well as malicious hackers and naughty developers. It requires very minimal maintenance.

If you fit the above description, please make haste to contact us - we really want to talk to you! At Omise, you will help us further our mission of providing accessible payments for everyone.

What you will do

  • Write good code;
  • Review code and provide feedback;
  • Communicate with confidence in English;
  • Work well with the team;
  • Mentor and guide others;
  • Learn, improve, and keep up.

What you will get

  • Work permit;
  • Above market salary;
  • Three days per week working remotely;
  • Flexible hours;
  • Health care plan;
  • MacBook Pro;
  • Friendly and diverse bunch of colleagues.

Our headquarters are located in The Crystal Design Center in Bangkok. We can provide assistance with travel arrangements for those who are abroad.

Product Areas

Below is a list of the primary product areas we need help with. You will be assigned to one of these when the interview process starts, and will be interviewed by members of the team handling that area. We also have dedicated positions open for each of these should you want to apply directly.

  • API Consumers – Libraries, Plugins, and SDKs that help merchants start connecting with our API as quickly as possible. Technology: PHP for CMS plugins.
  • Frontends – Websites, Dashboards, and various Documentation sites that provide product details, marketing materials, and other content. Technology: React/Node.js and HTML/CSS.
  • Payment APIs– Core payment processing functions as well as bookkeeping systems and various account management facilities. Technology: Ruby/Rails and Elixir/Phoenix.
  • Payment Backends – Communicate with payment providers to provide a consistent payment interface across various payment methods. Technology: Ruby/Rails, Golang and gRPC.

These assignments however, are not static - you can wear as many hats as you want as long as you deliver. In fact, we actually prefer people who can jump roles because they often deliver features that work more smoothly across product boundaries.