Golden Gate Ventures


Software Engineering Intern at Xfers
Singapore City, SG

Job description & requirements

Xfers, online P2P payment startup is looking for someone to join the Engineering Team!

In Xfers, you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. Here are some things you'll get a taste of:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop new software features in collaboration with Product, Sales, Engineering department
  • Fix software bugs
  • Build software system
  • Optimize our client integration workflow processes
    Improve our online documentation to ensure client integration success
    Develop tools and framework to allow clients to integrate our APIs without any friction
  • Any other duties as assigned from time to time

What you might need: 

  • Knowledge of using Javascript Frameworks
  • Programming
  • Experience in networking concepts
  • Software engineering skills
  • Passion for backend and server side
  • Understand how linux / bash scripting works
  • Read up on docker / kubernetes